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The inspiration behind my peace

Hey everyone! Welcome to #Blackchat Tuesday and to the first ever one! Today I wanted to sit and talk about a time when I felt so amazing to be a young woman of colour. Let's go back to a time when I was only a young girl. I grew up loving to perform and dance around my bedroom. I loved singing to Brittney, Beyonce, Rihanna etc. I would try to copy all there dance moves and put on similar outfits. Of course I was only young but it felt amazing! However, some times it felt like Caucasian women artists were showcased more in the media as a young mixed, black girl, this was a hard pill to swallow. That feeling like you weren't good enough cause of the colour of your skin. I began wishing to be 'white' . So many times I would wonder why I was born this way? Then one day I saw Whitney Houston. She changed it. Of course I thought Rihanna and Beyonce were beautiful beyond belief, but Whitney gave such a light ethereal glow that I wanted to feel. I saw pure beauty in a woman of colour who was so talented and exquisite in her job. From then on women like Miss Whitney have taught me to love my melanin glow and never, ever, for one minute doubt my beauty, as a young mixed black woman. Fortunately, times are changing and black artists, especially women are appearing more in our media, queens like Rihanna and Beyonce are still glowing and new beauties are shining through! For example Normani, Lizzo, Sza, H.e.r are just a few of true melanin goddesses. This story is not to just talk about amazing queens, but to inspire you to be you, and to keep being the beautiful woman you are. There's a star in us all, you just got to let it shine! Thank you for reading! Sending love today, till next time.. Ellie, IN.courage team xoxo

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